Making Life SimpleKasey Vejar


"I'm loving what you did to help change my life! I could go on and on about how much easier it is to handle paperwork and how much happier our family is as a result."

- Working Mother and Wife

"Kasey is an excellent teacher. This is the best class I have taken here (JCCC)!"

- Workshop Attendee

"As an instructor, Kasey is very enthusiastic and has a great sense of humor. You can tell that organizing is her passion."

- Workshop Attendee

"I absolutely love my new custom closets! I find myself walking into the room just to stand and stare at them."

- IT Consultant

"Simply Organized, Inc. created a pleasant home office environment where I enjoy working. I can now find files, supplies, and important information in a moment's notice!"

- Interior Applications Company

"Moving from a home to an apartment was difficult but Simply Organized made it easier with great ideas to maximize space in my kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry area."

- Single Mother of Three

"Simply Organized has really helped with our daily routine. The whole family is ready to go much quicker because they each know where everything is."

- Family of Five

"Simply Organized was a great help in organizing my closet and bathroom. The ideas were both creative and unique. She takes great pride in her work."

- Recent High School Graduate

"Her education and experience has given me confidence in her ability to completely handle all of our small business bookkeeping. What a thrill it is to have everything organized at your fingertips!"

- Commercial Cleaning Company

"You have seriously changed my life and I can't say Thank you enough!"

- Social Worker

"I am amazed at how much space I have now! Yours is a truly valuable service."

- Working Mother